NSB’s commitment to the blue planet

Sustainability is at the top of NSB’s agenda. We have embraced the challenges that come along with it and continue to improve our products and services so as to be able to offer our customers sustainable success. NSB shows that cost-efficiency and climate protection are not in conflict with each other. Coming up with innovative ideas of how to operate our fleet efficiently and optimize onboard processes has always been a tradition at NSB. 

It is our planet. We help save it.

No chemicals

NSB relies on improved maintenance procedures onboard to make the working environment of its crews safer and protect the environment. Among others, the company has developed a chemical-free process to dry-cleaning the fire tubes of auxiliary boilers.

Steps wider

We have the patent for it: WIDENING is the most efficient way to keep older vessels competitive. And it helps saving fuel and ballast water. Our widened vessels meet the 2025 newbuilding efficiency regulations.

Social footprint

NSB acknowledges its responsibility for future generations and obligation to care for our children. Our corporate kindergarten offers 90 kids a place to play, learn and grow.


Guido Kraemer - QHSE Manager

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Our international focus and our strategy of profitable growth demand the creation of a common system of values and principles which is to serve all employees as a guideline for their behavior.
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